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9 reasons to use FlickSell. The easiest way to get started with your marketplace business.

Unlock 6 years of proven marketplace technology, knowledge and success

We have developed the function and features to drive commercial success

We free you from the challenge of running a technology team so you can focus on sales and your customer experience

Be smart and accelerate with our purpose-built marketplace specific data and insights solutions

Connect to our community of like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs and our partner ecosystem to ensure you flourish and scale

Become the destination and bring your stores, dealers and customers together

Scale beyond your capital constraints, physical stores, inventory holdings and warehouses

Create modern profitable revenue streams including membership (subscriptions), data, insights and advertising

Go global, scale your online marketplace anywhere

Offer more, learn more, and sell more with your own online marketplace

Our API-based platform plugs directly into your e-commerce tech ecosystem, letting you focus on identifying and onboarding new sellers, not integrating technology. Invest in growth, not time, with the flicksell marketplace platform.

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Product selling, rentals, services - we have it all.

Need a marketplace where people can sell their products? Is your idea to facilitate peer-to-peer rentals? Or maybe a site for booking services? No worries - we support all types of marketplaces, with our built-in availability management! Your merchants and buyers can be individuals or companies.

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Manage your marketplace. You are in control.

Easily manage and moderate your marketplace from our admin dashboard. Connect Google Analytics to get a detailed view of what is going on. Launch a product, service, event, holiday or digital download online marketplace with a host of specific features designed to succeed.

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Global payments made simple. Setup takes only a few minutes.

FlickSell built-in payment system allows your merchants to accept both PayPal and all of major credit cards. It works in 190+ countries and in 25+ currencies. You can easily charge a fee from each transaction.


We’ve done the hard work for you.

Don’t re-invent the wheel, partner with us and accelerate 5 years in a day.

Data Capture, Crawling, Optimisation and Refresh

Consumers transact when they have confidence in the business they have found that provides the product or service that they are seeking. We use a combination of methods in the pursuit of maintaining the best quality and up-to-date data of our marketplace customers to optimise our conversion metrics.

3rd Party Tracking Partnerships

We track Mobile App installations and activity through 3rd party specialist partnerships with TUNE and Adjust that feed directly into our own reporting and partner dashboard.

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

Integration of all marketplaces, tracking cost-per-lead, cost-per-install, cost-per-acquisition as well as aggregated revenues. Marketplace activity varies depending on the nature of the business niche and therefore we work on a variety of business models to suit our marketplace partners.

Local and Location

Location data of the consumer is captured to ensure promotion of our marketplaces products and services are relevant, local and our Marketplace’s partner budgets are optimised.

Quality Performance Based Leads

We are partnering with the web’s leading publishers, brands and directories in the pursuit of delivering the highest intent traffic to our marketplace customers.

Cross Platform and Device

Integrations are optimised for mobile-first responsive interfaces and backed into standard web resolutions as well as integrated within Apps across Android and iOS platforms.

We use the following technologies:

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FlickSell is the next generation transaction platform, aggregating marketplaces and surfacing instant book buttons at the right time and place within consumers mobile, web and app journeys.

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