FlickSell scales to meet any demand,
and ensures data security.


Fully customizable functionality
to meet your needs.

Easy to Use

Easy to use and loved by developers
and business users.

Modular architecture

Our API-based platform plugs directly into your e-commerce tech ecosystem, letting you focus on identifying and onboarding new sellers, not integrating technology. Invest in growth, not time, with the flicksell marketplace platform.


FlickSell provides security on several compliances: Encryption, Backup policy, OWASP.


All personal Data is fully encrypted


Battle-tested processes and safeguards

OWASP compliant

Independently validated to meet top
application security standards

Developer & business user friendly

Powerful feature sets can create complex user experiences. FlickSell’s focus on user-centered design ensures workflows are intuitive for developers and business users alike.


For developers

  • Standard REST APIs
  • SDK
  • Commerce platform accelerators

For users

  • Easy to use and understand UI
  • Powerful search engine
  • Fast response times

Learn how to grow your business with an online Marketplace powered by FlickSell