Marketplace Product Information Management

FlickSell BackOffice helps marketplace operators and sellers manage their product catalogs. It’s the ultimate product data manager that enriches your data or your PIM with information from many sellers, all under your control.

Marketplace product content: Managed

BackOffice gives marketplace operators the ability to collaborate with sellers to improve product data quality and consistency, and increase buyer confidence.

Manage product data

Easily control product data
across multiple sellers, products
and source data sheets.

Control assortment by data quality

Automate the removal of products
that don’t meet data quality standards,
and align your marketplace assortment
with your target audience.

Increase buyer confidence

Ensure product data is rich,
consistent, and accurate
to increase conversion.

BackOffice solves both operators and sellers issues

Operators issues: handle duplication, moderate incoming products, enforce data equity, cope with volumes. Sellers issues : cumbersome contribution process, access to own catalog, slow feedback, fix validation errors.

BackOffice key features

BackOffice key features address data quality issues during seller onboarding.

Product catalog buffering

Identifies and ingests only incremental differences, rather than the complete catalog each time.

Product deduplication

Dedupe products from across multiple sellers to create one master catalog.

Product content consolidation

Combines content from multiple sellers to fill gaps and create a single, high-quality product record.

Product enrichments

Provides a collaborative solution for product content improvement and enrichment by sellers, making your job easy.

Digital asset management

Management of references (e.g., URLs) to product imagery to ensure proper control, conversion and publication to the market.

Product moderation

Allows the operator to decide which products to accept or reject for the marketplace assortment.

Validation rules engine

Creates automation options to facilitate the operator setting quality standards for product content.

Invalid product identification

Alerts merchandisers to products with invalid data.

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Save your team time while improving customer experience.

Head of eCommerce + Marketplace

Guarantee product data quality for the volume of sellers and products in the marketplace model.

Head of Merchandising

Easily control the assortment shoppers see by setting product data quality standards.

Tech Lead

Simplify the product data exchange process, easily integrate with PIMs, and manage product feeds efficiently.

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