Offer more, learn more, and sell more with your own online marketplace

Marketplaces grow assortments at a scale dropshipping alone cannot match and deliver the additional customer data to better feed personalization engines and omni-channel strategies.

Managing online marketplaces possible for any merchant

Improve customer experience

Deliver the customer experience
today’s shoppers demand
by quickly and easily extending
assortment through trusted
third-party sellers.

Grow your revenue

Grow top-line revenue by acquiring
and keeping new customers
– Improve SEO and site traffic
while preventing missed sales.

Optimize eCommerce

More data for personalization engines
and AI, more opportunities
for omni-channel interactions,
more assortment without overhead.

How the FlickSell helps B2C companies

Expand assortment

  • Give customers the choice they want by quickly and easily expanding assortment through trusted partners, avoiding inventory and overhead costs.
  • Quickly and easily onboard thousands of new sellers.
  • Package complementary products and services.

Acquire new customers

  • Improve SEO and gain significantly more web traffic without paying Google.
  • Prevent missed sales and achieve the endless aisle.
  • Expand into new products and categories, gaining additional share of customer.

Increase customer loyalty

  • Own and improve the customer journey no matter what channel.
  • Provide flexible options for customers – buy online or click-and-collect in store.
  • Leverage additional transactional data from Marketplace sales to provide customers with more relevant orders.

Learn how to grow your business with an online Marketplace powered by FlickSell